A screenplay is a written document for a film which describes the screen direction essential to tell a story. Below we shall read more about various aspects of screenplay as well give some resources for you to further study and increase your knowledge about the subject.

Spec Screenplay

Spec Screenplay, short for ‘Speculation Screenplay’ is a screenplay written without any upfront payment or a promise of payment. Such a screenplay is solely invented by the screenwriter, although it may be based on other works.


There is a predetermined format to writing a screenplay. Proper format will make your screenplay look professional.

Writer’s Store has written a fairly detailed article on correct formatting of the screenplay. You can read it here.

Here is an amazing tutorial by Indy Mogul on the same topic.

Books to Refer

These are a few books which may aid you with perfecting you screenwriting skill

  1. Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting
  2. Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting
  3. The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller
  4. Save The Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need

You can find all these books on Amazon.

Screenwriting Software

Screenwriting software takes care of formatting while you worry about presenting a story on paper.

  1. Celtx- Best option for the ones short on money
  2. Final Draft

Don’t worry if you don’t want to put in the effort of using you internet data. You can create a template out of MS-Word too.

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